Empowerment/Training & Growth

"WOOTREE International" has long provided a multi-level and full-process talent development solution to solve the business's fundamental values of business growth or efficiency. We work with professional coaches and consultants who have a professional background and are committed to helping companies solve business bottlenecks through their own value. We work with our business partners to provide better ideas and implement them through a variety of training programs to help different organizations solve the bottlenecks in their development stages at the human level to achieve better development.
In the course of ten years of industry deepening, we have continuously integrated the resources of experienced coaches and consultants with professional advantages and domestic and overseas experience to explore and create an effective, customized and win-win service solution. Our solutions have long been considered to be one of the most effective means of organizing and nurturing talent planning and development during the growth phase of organization and change. Our expert partners combine the historical path and vision of organizational development to help organizations achieve the best results in talent development based on current business environment trends.

We promise: 
· From the real needs to solve the current bottleneck for the organization's customized solutions

Our main services include: 
[ Key staff series ] 
Charisma of speech
Trust-building communication
Vocational Sea Navigation / Business Etiquette
Stress and emotional management
5 keys to solve the problem
Build personal influence

[ New Manager Series ] 
Establish a managerial mindset
Interview skills
New manager's management magic
Allocate energy and manage time
Leading innovation: managing change
Performance interview 1-2-3

[ Middle Manager Series ] 
Building a team's cheats
Team leadership
A coach who creates outstanding performance
Finance 1-2-3
Leader's inner awareness
Performance target planning and execution
Design and concept of speech

[ Executive Series ] 
Strategic thinking
Business operation
Nine personality and team management
Strategy for action
Leading successful change
Efficient team motivation
Situational leadership
Empowering and empowering, cultivating successors

[ Coach Series ] 
Action learning
From teaching to empowerment - becoming a coach
Curriculum design and development
Trainer Training (TTT)
Case development technology
Advanced trainer training

[ Project Management Series ] 
Project Management - Principles and Techniques
Project Management - Project Leadership

[ Sales Series ] 
Consultant sales
Big customer sales strategy
Quality customer service
Win-win business negotiation

[ Human Resources and Administration Series ] 
Play to OKR
Capability model design and construction
Becoming a good assistant to the boss
Five-star administration

[ Business English Series ] 
Business English
Anglo-American Culture
Across Cultural Management
Business Writing

[ Leadership Training Series ] 
MICEE (Copyright Course)