Career Coach

"WOOTREE International" works with CEOs and executives from leading domestic organizations to help companies and candidates maximize efficiency to improve performance and achieve a win-win goal value.
After nearly ten years of hard work, we have explored and created a transparent, customized service company and individual career coaching plan, which has become one of the important means for the industry's leading companies to initiate high-level talent planning. In addition, our data evaluation has become a possible way to tap potential talent talents and explore organizational value realization models, and to comprehensively predict and best likelihood coaches for career goals and value goals in combination with your complex environment.

we promise: 
· Break through personal career bottlenecks for high-potential talents and leaders
· Customized career development planning for management roles that are critical to the business

The main services include: 
Self-awareness and career growth 
No matter which industry or level you are in, the professional advantage of mining your talents in a timely manner is necessary for professional growth. Career growth includes planning the development of talents, development aspirations, motivations, and career interests in combination with the complex environment in which talents are located to plan the most advantageous career development path, helping individuals develop their careers and get out of professional dilemmas.

Corporate executive training and personalized learning 
Based on each organization's strategy, vision and cultural context, as well as real-world challenges and opportunities, assess, guide and develop the professional and organizational goals of senior management, fully develop their potential, and help leaders, teams and organizations Growth, drive performance growth and promote continuous change.