Talent Development

"WOOTREE International" combines the talent needs of the Chinese and overseas markets with the introduction of the British company Transferring Destiny's "Talent Dynamic" evaluation system and has reached a long-term strategic cooperation with it. For a period of time, under the practice of some leading companies in the Chinese business environment, we have jointly developed the evaluation system "Team Dynamic" for the internal talent organization strategy of Chinese enterprises. Our assessment system can help the enterprise team to be more efficient and more appropriate to understand the talents and situation of talents, and to train and coordinate talents in the enterprise in a state of downstream, in order to achieve the best business performance.

We promise: 
· Multiple possibilities for discovering talent potential
· Coordinating the best combination of talents in the enterprise

The main services include: 
Talent potential and development advice 
Based on the interpretation of the natural behavior pattern of talents, understand how employees create value and how to enhance this value through other people and things. Evaluate the current state of the employee's current position and its potential, and suggest possible developments for how to lead and how to achieve the best level in the team.
Talent Dynamics Test assessment report and interpretation;
Personal potential development feasibility plan;
Personal one-on-one coach

Team dynamics and optimization 
Combined with Chinese business practice, based on the current situation and development possibilities of talents in enterprises, consider the current situation and lack of role distribution in existing teams in the enterprise, as well as the role of talents in adapting to the potential, and the respect and cooperation between employees.
Team Dynamic Roles Aptitude Test assessment report and interpretation;
Enterprise core team human resources optimization program;
Core team training / one-on-one coach