About Us

WOOTREE International, the full name of Wootree International Management Consultants (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

At Wootree, strategy, talent development and career development are our strengths. Since our inception, our strategically selected quality client partners have endorsed our reputation and quality. For a long time, the company's "professional" and "integrity" service concepts, "unique" and "future" industry vision have helped companies and leaders to continuously achieve their goals.
Based on China's most attractive economic sectors and the world, we share the potential of companies and talents into practice through the shared vision, research and tools of employees in five offices around the world. We offer a wide range of solutions to provide our customers with a full range of manpower demand solutions.

From the belief of each customer's uniqueness, we always adhere to the uniqueness of the solution. When customers face the challenges of the human resources system and want to use the long-term and scientific system solutions to replace temporary services, choose to believe that we become their strategic partners , facing the challenge together.